Neutralize carbon footprint of your shipments and track your climate impact with Shipped Green

Simplify carbon offsets for commerce

Shipped Green enables merchants to easily neutralize the carbon footprint from shipment deliveries.

Customers can simply add Shipped Green at checkout to support more sustainable shopping practices.

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Track your carbon offset certificates

Use Shipped App to track your climate impact, funded projects and carbon offset certificates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shipped Green neutralize the carbon emissions from my shipments?
You can neutralize the carbon emissions from your online purchases by shopping at partnered merchants and add Shipped Green to your order at time of checkout.

Once the order is shipped, the purchased carbon credits will be recorded at the project carbon registry with a certificate issued to you. With the Shipped app, you can track your certificates and see your personal climate impact.
How does Shipped Green work?
Once your order is shipped, carbon credits will be purchased to neutralize the carbon emissions created from the delivery of the order. The carbon credits are invested into high integrity carbon removal projects that are certified by organizations like Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry, and Verified Carbon Standard.
How can I cancel Shipped Green?
If your item hasn’t shipped yet, please reach out to the merchant to cancel Shipped Green from your order

If your item has already shipped, the carbon emissions from the order has been neutralized and you've made climate impact.

Start following your carbon neutral shipment journey with the Shipped app

Get notified every step along your carbon neutral shipment journey and never miss a delivery again.

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